Royal Yagya

"Royal Yagyas are performed with more complex mantras in comparison of special intention yagyas."

Maha Laxmi Yagya

Maha laxmi yagya ceremony is performed for enhancement of wealth and prosperity. This yagya is not a way to get out of debt. This yagya enhances the stream of current sources of income.

Business Success Yagya

This yagya is for making the business successful. This yagya helps to open the new doors of business opportunities.


This yagya is for fullness of life. It is one of the most significant and popular ceremonies to please Lord Shiva and is seen as the greatest spiritual puja in all the Vedic scriptures.

Serious Danger

This Yagya is for adverting serious danger from enemies.


According to the vedic scriptures, Gayatri yagya is the most purifying among the all yagyas. Gayatri yagya is capable of neutralizing the effect of bad karmas in life. This holy yagya balances one’s karma and destiny.

Maha Mrityunjaya

This yagya is also known as the “King of Yagyas” for it’s blissful effect. This yagya ceremony prevents serious illness or faster recovery from a serious illness. This yaga reduces the physical illness or problems for elders.


This has much significance for people who are facing issues in life. When an individual is putting regular constant efforts for career, business, study or any other issue but not getting the desired result then Ganesh Yagya is the best fit approach for an individual


This yagya is performed for the moksha of the ancestors. This yagya is performed to make ancestors free from the cycle of birth and death.

Maha Chandi

This great yagya is performed to waive off those karmic debts which are giving pain and suffering in life. This yagya is one of amazing experiences to attain in life.

Kanaka Dhara

This Yagya is performed for increasing wealth and financial gains. Someone who wants instant relief from financial problems can perform this Yagna. If someone is in heavy debt or his/her capital is blocked and dues are not getting cleared, this Yagya can be performed for immediate solution.


Navgraha Yagya is performed to appease all the nine Grahas, and to remove the malefic effect of all the five planets that comes under nine planets. It removes any interruptions or barricades due to these Grahas.

Most Royal yagyas may be done at one of three levels,

A level

one month of chanting, 140,000 repetitions of the mantra. $720

B level

two weeks of chanting, 70,000 repetitions of the mantra. $370

C level

one week of chanting, 35,000 repetitions of the mantra. $220