Yagyas are best and most effective way to neutralize the negative influences and achieve success in life.

Royal Yagya’s use longer and more complex mantras than Special Intention Yagyas. We’re sharing all the information Royal Yagyas. 

This yagya is for wealth and prosperity. This yagya is done for people who are currently earning money. It is not a way to get out of debt. If you already have one or more solid streams of income, this yagya tends to enhance the income current.

This yagya is for more and more success and growth of business.This Yagya make business very easy.

This yagya is for the massive wealth, on a regular monthly basis. This is the super in all Royal Yagyas.

This Yagya is the mother of all vedic yagyas. According to the vedic scriptures, The Gayatri Yagya is the most Purifying one. It has capecity to wash off the black spots of bad Karmas that create a lifelong moisture in some areas or other of life.This Great yagya soften and balances one’s Karmas and destiny. This great yagya is done 200% fulfillment and blesses of life.100% material and 100% spiritual.Many people realizes the benefits and influences.

This Yagya is for fulfillment of life. Maharishi said that it was most powerful in all Yagya.

This Yagya is called the king of the Yagyas for its blissful effects. This yagya is supremely effective in bringing faster recovery from serious illness. It has great curative effects. It is the weapon against disease.

This Yagya is for adverting serious danger from enemies.

 For the removal of big obstacles. Ganesha is the ‘gatekeeper’ to the world of Devas(gods).In the same way that must go on through the door man, front desk, and personal secretary to reach and important Administrator, one must appeal to and pay their respect to Ganesha to gain to the access to the world of Celestial beings. This yagya does not just remove obstacles in the manifest world. It has deeper effect of bringing more of the transcendent world into our lives.

This yagya devoted the supreme rular of relative creation Maha Durga and aims at protecting our life from big resistance deep fixed Karmic obligations trouble in any area of life. Doing this yagya is like feeling a petition in the supereme court of the cosmic government to waive off Karmic Debts the give us pain, suffering and grief in the life .This yagya is chanted about 33 days.

This yagya speaks to all nine plants. It is helpful when a person is planets under the negative influences of several planets. Navagraha performances also enhance the positive influences of planets that are favorable in dashes and transits.